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The novel addition of Threads app is surely breaking all the records. Both in terms of popularity and following. Well, one may argue that the app looks way similar with another app called Twitter and is amidst a giant controversy. We must not also overlook how the app has managed to create massive ripple effects.

Even since its launch, the internet users all over the world have not taken much time to jump on the bandwagon. It is also important to mention that Threads is owned and created by the meta owner and the popular personality, Mark Zuckerberg. Not to forget that he also owns Facebook, WhatsApp and even Instagram. Therefore, the sensation around the new Threads app is insane.

“Let’s do this. Welcome to Threads”

Said Mr. Zuckerberg while launching the app. Well, the users were quick and novel news incoming is that threads has become the fastest app to gain the most followers in the history of internet. In just 2 ours post its launch, threads gained more than 40 million signs-up in just a day. 

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“70 million sign-ups on Threads as of this morning. Way beyond our expectation…”

The second day of launch, the app crossed more than 70 million, making Threads the only app to have attracted users this fast. Well, it is safe to say that no app in the history has managed to get the followers download the app this quickest. For the record, Threads is an app which allows users to share their thoughts/content, having features like commenting, liking and sharing. The algorithm and UI is much similar to Twitter which surely has spewed a controversy. Anyhow, the facts of fastest downloading report that India contributed 22% in the total downloads while Brazil followed it by the solid 16% ratio.

We, however, are surely looking forward to see what the app has in box for us.