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Meta’s answer to the widely popular Twitter app is producing ripple effects like none other. The novel, pleasant and impeccable news, the Threads app has crossed over 100 million sign ups. The numbers are insane, however, the consumers and all the competitors were kind of expecting it already.

In addition, expectations aside, this much insane response is surely raising some brows. Well, Threads has officially left the popular ChatGPT behind in the quickest sign ups. For the record, the app had already crossed over 20 million sign ups in the same day of its launch. Says a lot about the popularity.

“Threads reached 100 million sign ups over the weekend. That is mostly organic demand and we have not even turned on many promotions yet. Cannot believe it has only been 5 days.”

Commented by the owner, Mr. Zuckerberg on July 11th 2023. Moreover, Threads launched on July 5th 2023 and have been in the news ever since. Well, one of the reasons why the app in in the eyeballs is because of the sheer and instant controversy that the app got into.

Ever since the launch announcement by the meta owner, Mark Zuckerberg which went like;

“Welcome to Threads. Let’s do it.”

Masses, content consumer, viewers and internet users were quick to see the insane similarity between the two popular apps. Some found the app bizarre while others lauded it. On either side, nothing worked in diminishing the popularity of Threads. In just a few days, it has gathered more than 100 million bar. Something that even ChatGPT could not even cross. Some experts and brand owners have claimed that Twitter is going to get a uge hit due to presence, thus, popularity of Threads. Well, we will say that it is only future that is going to choose the side or maybe not. Coexistence is the new trend and we are not complaining.