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The whirlwind and insane craze of the newly launched app, Threads, has surely not died yet. The app is founded by the meta owner and the popular personality, Mark Zuckerberg. Although Threads has also gotten into a series of threats, controversies and serious allegation, the popularity is not diminishing anytime soon. So much so that Elon Musk, the Twitter owner, has threatened to file lawsuit against the firm.

The controversy is due to the fact that the algorithm, outlook and UI of the new Mr. Zuckerberg’s is way more similar with another widely known social app, Twitter. Therefore, the accusations were made to copy and stealing the idea. Not to forget that among the flood of views and opinions, nothing stopped the app to steal the limelight.

Anyhow, among these opinions, multiple brands too had mixed reviews to the app. All popular and not-so-popular brands jumped on the bandwagon and reacted to the popular addition of the town, Threads.

“When I first heard about Threads, I thought it is an app for second hand clothing, but now I realize it’s an app for second hand tweets…”

wendyns Brand reaction on threads by meta

Tweeted Wendys, a popular fast-food chain brand. Moreover, the reactions have a smart amalgamation of puns, GIFs, boomerangs, tweets, posts, memes, wordplays and much more. A perfect whirlwind of emotions.

Another popular brand, Pepsi reacted;

“All this fuss without the frizz? Pepsi is here to get the party started”

Pepsi india Brand reaction on threads by meta

While staying in the meme loop, Netflix too jumped on the trend and posted with;

“Waiting for friends to join the app…”

The response has been crazy, adding massively to the overall popularity of the app. In just two days, Threads app download count crossed more than 70 million followers. Becoming the only app in the history of internet to gain downloaders and users this fast.

The reason why the app is reaching gigantic user numbers. In addition, a popular music app, Spotify too added their take saying,

“If the first day of Threads was a song, what song would it be?”

Spotify Brand reaction on threads by meta

While we contemplate and go through the insane funny and hilarious takes on the app, we are also looking forward to seeing where the app entails further.