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Threads has managed to stir quite a frame in the meta verse. And rightly so, because the app has currently surpassed more than 100 million sign ups in a matter of just a few days. Now, that is something that Twitter might need to worry about.

Moreover, on the topic of popularity diminishing, one of the biggest and globally acknowledge social apps, Twitter, hasn’t started the year with a good note. One might argue that with the SpaceX CEO and a magnate investor, Elon Musk, taking over the company and the whole series of events post that might be a good reason. Well, July brought yet another hit to the firm. Threads which is another addition to the Meta family is producing impeccable ripple effects so far.

“Threads reached 100 million sign ups over the weekend. That is mostly organic demand and we have not even turned on many promotions yet. Can’t believe it has only been 5 days…”

Now, that is something that should worry Twitter. On the side note, why are we comparing the two apps in such context? It is because if one looks at the algorithm, systematic run and UI of Threads, it has insane resemblance with Twitter to which Mr. Musk responded;

“Competition is fine, cheating is not…”

Anyhow, on the twitter diminishing popularity, the CEO of another popular company, Cloud fare, commented that,

“Twitter’s traffic level has been tanking since the start of this year, with the biggest dip in July”

Moreover, all the seamless and novel features on Threads that Twitter lacks are something that is catching the eyes of the followers. For example, a user that jumps to Threads will not have to worry about the accounts to follow. It automatically gives you the option to follow all the accounts that you have been following on Instagram. Well, Twitter too has some upper hand. The Twitter users can use hashtags, slid into DMs, have a desktop version, and more such things.

Upon asking Mr. Zuckerberg, whether or not Threads will leave Twitter behind. To which he responded,

“It’ll take some take, but I think there should be some public conversations app with one Billion Plus people which Twitter could have done it. Well, it could not. Hopefully, we will.”

The battle of popularity is on. It is only time that can unfold what the future has to offer.