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Privacy Policy –

Our Privacy Policy

Threadverse provides extensive tool services to its users. By using it, you are agreeing and acknowledging our set privacy policies. It is important to mention that all the personal information provided by you will be kept in high confidentiality. Anyhow, here is how we keep your data secured in order to keep the space safe.

Personal Information

On the personal information, which may include your name, password, email address or contact info, is highly secured on all fronts. This is provided voluntarily by you while signing up for our tool. Moreover, the non-personal information which could be your device types, usage patterns, IP address or more is collected automatically through cookies & other similar technologies.

Data Collection

The data we collect from you is kept confidential, although it may be analyzed and observed to better our services. The demands and user expectations may vary overtime, therefore, the data collection may help us to give the users a better experience. It also helps us in making the experience more personalized and enjoyable.

Data Storage

We only store your personal or non-personal data for as long as it serves the user’s purpose completely. This privacy policy assures that once the services needs are fulfilled, the data is no more retained on purpose.

Customer’s Rights

It is your right to your personal information. Therefore, you may alter, delete, add or remove any of your information at any given point. All you have to do is contact us via provided email.

Policy Change

It is pertinent to mention that as the needs and demands change over time, we any feel obliged to change the privacy policies to serve the best interest of our users. We, however, will keep reviewing and staying updated with the novel changes and try to provide the best experience possible.



The above-mentioned privacy policy is set and we intend to abide by it under any circumstances. Although, if you have any query regarding the policy, kindly feel free to contact us any time on our given email address.